SAT 30TH NOV + SUN DEC 1 2019








2019 Murray Quad

Yarrawonga/Mulwala – Cobram – Tocumwal

Paddle the Murray

Peaches and Cream Paddle

Choose your watercraft: Kayak – double blade, Canoe – single blade, SUP – stand up, Row – backwards
Cobram to Tocumwal 25km, Smithers Beach to Tocumwal 12km, 30 November 2 pm


Spin The Murray

Time to complete 40kms on a spin bike
30th November 5 to 8pm
97-103 Melbourne Rd, Mulwala
(Balance Spin Studio)


Run the Murray

Running of the Black Bull Festival

Choose your distance: 21.1km half marathon, 10.55 km quarter marathon, 65km back nine-run/walk, 2km Maccas HeartKids fun run
1 December – 7.45am
Silverwoods, Lake Mulwala, Yarrawonga



Part triathlon (no swimming! Dry Tri), part adventure race (no fire!), the Murray Quad is a fun but challenging race held on the Victoria NSW border that starts in Cobram on Saturday and ends in Yarrawonga on Sunday, taking participants down Australia’s longest river, testing their power output on a spin bike and experience the beautiful manicured fairways of the Black Bull Golf Course   Individuals and teams will use their choice of human powered water transport (kayak, canoe, rowing boat or SUP) to navigate their way down the Mighty Murray River, test their bike riding skills in the safety of the Balance Spin Studio and run through the picturesque Golf Course located alongside the famed Lake Mulwala water’s edge, each event held separately. The Murray Quad is a unique event that offers participants 3 completely different type of activities that can be done individually, combine any 2 of the 3 events, a dry tri (swim replaced with a paddle) or as a relay team.

Day 1, Saturday 30th of November

Paddle Starts in Cobram at 2pm

Paddle from Cobram to Tocumwal

Day 2, Sunday 1st of December

Map of Run Course: Blue Q, Red 2nd half of Half Marathon

Rules + Support

The safety of everyone involved in the Murray Quad is the most important part of the race.

Race Rules

Although the Murray Quad has changed its format the event will still be conducted under a set distance and guidelines that are based on the requirements for the event to be sanctioned by the WQF (World Quadrathlon Federation) and satisfy the rules of several Australian governing associations that control the four different individual sports involved. The Peaches and Cream Paddle is sanctioned by Canoeing Victoria and is also the first race of the Canoeing Victoria Summer series therefore all kayakers and canoeist must abide to the attached canoe marathon rules.

A current set of run rules will be available soon.

Support Crew

The safety of everyone involved in the Murray Quad is the most important part of the race therefore support crews will play an important role in the safety of their team whether that is an individual competitor or a full relay team.

We will do everything we can to keep people safe at the Murray Quad, but we need your help too.







The Murray Quad gives participants the chance to escape to the country for a weekend to paddle on the Murray River and or a run alongside Lake Mulwala. The King and Queen of the Murray honour will be awarded to the person with the fastest combined time for the paddle and run.

The Murray Quad is a unique event that is held Australia’s longest river the mighty Murray River.  Day 1 involves a paddle, row or surf downstream on the Murray River from Cobram to Tocumwal.  Day 2 offers a variety of run courses alongside Lake Mulwala and through the Silverwoods Golf and Lifestyle resort. The race is conducted under a set distance and guidelines that have been established by several Australian governing associations also satisfying sanctioning by the WQF (World Quadrathlon Federation) for future accreditation.