The safety of everyone involved in the Murray Quad is the most important part of the race therefore support crews will play an important role in the safety of their team whether that is an individual competitor or a full relay team of 8 people.

We will do everything we can to keep people safe at the Murray Quad but we need your help too, so please make sure your team:


  1. Attends the Safety Briefing in Yarrawonga on Friday 17th November at either 6pm or 8pm

  2. Follows the instructions of race officials and volunteers at all times during the race.

  3. Completes the pink Medical Questionnaire and hands this in at the Registration night on Friday

Food & Drinks We’ll provide water and some electrolytes at all transition areas, relay change areas and drink stations along the course. Electrolytes are subject to availability.

It’s important that you provide the substantive food and drink required by your participant and you can access every location other than the drink stations on the run course.

Please refer to the Murray Quad Venue Guide included with the Pre-Race pack for more information about the venue locations you can access as Support Crew.


Bike safety & scrutineering Bikes must be road worthy and ready for the 91km endurance ride ahead. Scrutineers will be on site to check that all participants are wearing a helmet, carrying a mobile phone and wearing a race number on the front.  Make sure your bike rider has a helmet and mobile phone ready to go or they won’t be allowed to leave Yarrawonga!

Bike drop off Bikes can be dropped off at the Rowing Club and placed into the racks at your assigned position any time after 6am Saturday. Look out for the Bike Drop Zonesigns and make sure you show your wrist band to the volunteers.  

Bike pick up Bikes can be collected from the bike racks at Thompson Beach Cobram once the participants have started the paddle. Each bike will have a numbered sticker that corresponds with the Support Crew wrist band and volunteers will be on hand to assist Support Crews in Cobram.

Bikes must be collected by 4pm.  



Kayak safety & scrutineering Kayaks must be river worthy and paddlers must be able to demonstrate they can participate safely before departing for the paddle section. All paddlers are required to wear an appropriate Personal Flotation Device (PFD) whose construction meets or exceeds Australian Standards (Type 2 or Type 3) at all times while near or on the water. Volunteers will be on hand to support paddlers and Support Crew members involved in the race.  Support Crew members are allowed to assist paddlers getting in/out of the water at the discretion of the race volunteers.

Kayak drop off Kayaks can be dropped off at Thompson’s Beach and placed on the beach any time after 10am. Look for the Kayak Drop Zone signs.  

Kayak pick up Once paddlers reach the Tocumwal Town Beach they will be required to exit their kayak/canoe and run the last 30 metres to the finish line.  It is the responsible of the Support Crew or participant to place their kayak and paddle in the drop off zone next to the boat ramp before they pass the finish line. Volunteers will be on hand to assist paddlers if required.

Kayaks must be packed up by 7pm.