Community Groups

The Murray Quad has a unique connection with the local community, unlike many major sporting events funds raised are not disturbed to one group instead all community groups involved in the running of the Murray Quad receive a percentage of the proceeds from the event. These groups include Yarrawonga SES, Yarrawonga Rowing Club, Yarrawonga Men’s Shed, Yarrawonga Scouts, Yarrawonga Yacht Club, Yarrawonga Mulwala Development Inc, Shepparton District Amateur Radio Club, Yarrawonga Mulwala, Cobram Barooga and the Shepparton Canoe Clubs.

Murray Quad Crew

Registered clubs and groups

We are inviting members of any club, gym, school, work place or any training group to register as part of their crew and receive a 10% discount plus the crew with the most registrations will win a fantastic prize donated by the local community.




Yarrawonga Mulwala Amateur Canoe Club                    YMACC

Cobram Barooga Canoe Club                                           CBACC

Shepparton Canoe Club                                                    SHECC

Canoeing Victoria Clubs                                                    CVACC

Paddle Australia Members                                                 PADAUS

Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club                                        IVNCC

Footscray Amateur Canoe Club                                       FTACC

Mitta Mitta Canoe Club                                                       MMACC

Echuca Moama Canoe Club                                             EMACC

Bendigo Canoe Club                                                          BENCC

Bellarine Paddlers                                                               BELPAD

Barwon Heads Canoe Club                                               BHACC

North East Canoe Club                                                       NEACC

Paddle NSW Club                                                               PNACC

Wagga Bidgee Canoe Club                                               WBACC

Central Coast Paddlers                                                      CCPAD

Big River Canoe Club                                                         BIGRCC

Corowa Rowing Club                                                          COROW

Shepparton Rowing Club                                                   SHEPROW



Yarrawonga Mulwala SunRunners                                   YMRUN

Parkrun                                                                                  PARKRUN

Cobram Barooga Running Club                                       CBRUN

Back on Track Running                                                      BOTRUN

Lystefreild Trial Runners                                                    LYSTRUN

Wangaratta Runners                                                          WANGRUN

Shepparton Runners                                                          SHRUN

Wodonga Athletics Club                                                     WODAC

Lystefreild Trial Runners                                                    LYSTRUN

If a club or groups is interested in registering, please send an email to or contact the race director Tim Roadley on 0417373376 or email and we can add your name to the list.


Dare to Train                                                                        DARETT

Priority Fitness and Wellbeing                                          PFITW

Balance Spin Studio                                                            BALSPIN

Focus Wellbeing and Fitness                                            FOCUS

Sporties                                                                                 SPORT

Fluid Movement                                                                   FMTRI

Soul Riders                                                                           SOURID

Tri Alliance                                                                            TRIALL

Health Culture                                                                      HCGYM

Vigor Fitness                                                                         VIGOR

Victoria Adventure Racing                                                 VICAD

Shepparton Triathlon Club                                                 SHTRI

Hawthorn Triathlon Club                                                    HATRI

Knox Triathlon Club                                                            KNOXTRI

Benalla Triathlon Club                                                        BETRI

Geelong Performance Coaching                                      GPCTRI



Murray Quad Previous Participants                                  MQPAST

Two Bay Trial Run                                                               TBTRUN

PB Events                                                                             PBEVENT

Mansfield Fun Run                                                              MANRUN

Marysville Marathon Festival                                             MARYRUN

Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Run                                 WMRUN

Ned Kelly Chase                                                                  NKCHASE

Massive Murray Paddle Participants                                MMP18

Adventureathon Participants                                             ADVENTA



Yarrawonga Mulwala Swimming Club                             YMSWM

Melbourne Swim Classic                                                    MELSWIM

Bicycle Network                                                                   BICNET

Victoria Swim Clubs                                                            VICSWIM

Cobram Barooga Cycle Club                                             CBCYC
Yarrawonga Mulwala Cycling Group                               YMCYG

Yarrawonga Scouts                                                             YSCOUT